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Questions and Answers

The health and safety of all Carployee users are always our top priority. Please read our recommendations and further information about the coronavirus in connection with the use of the Carployee app.


Yes, our service remains only normally throughout the entire period in order to continue the provision of daily transport. The decision as to whether Carployee should be used during these times is basically up to someone’s own decision.

Carployee deliberately makes no recommendations in that regards and is basically guided by the recommendations of the authorities (see next point).

The new generally applicable basic rules with regard to carpooling, which apply from May 1st and until further notice, are as follows: When sharing motor vehicles with people who do share the same household, face masks (mouth-nose protections) must be worn and only two people, including the driver, may be carried in each row of seats.

As already mentioned in the previous question, Carployee deliberately does not want to make any recommendations regarding implementation or reactivation. Each employer decides for himself when his employees should start using carpools again. Carployee aligns its offer according to the preferences of its customers and supports them in the most secure and responsible (re-)activation of the Carployee app. The customer himself is certainly responsible for choosing the right time.


The general guidelines for carpooling oblige you to wear a face mask (covering your mouth and nose) when you are in the car with people who do not share your household. Please always adhere to this guideline. Do not hesitate to also kindly ask your drivers or passengers whether they brought a face mask for themselves.

We all miss times without social distancing. Nevertheless, it is undoubtedly better if you keep your distance from those who do not live with you. Therefore, please keep the greatest possible distance between the vehicle driver and the passenger (starting in the car from the right rear). The use of the co-driver’s seat by passengers should be avoided if possible.

We recommend you to regularly clean the interior of your vehicle –  in particular frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, window levers and seat belts, but also driver’s parts such as the steering wheel or gear lever. Conventional car cleaning agents are sufficient for this.

Our Carployee tip: Use the current circumstances to clean up your car thoroughly. The fewer objects, the smaller the surface on which the virus can stick and the more pleasant the ride is for your passengers.

If you don’t feel completely fit, the best thing now is not to share rides with others. Your health will appreciate this, but also that of your fellow human beings.

Please ensure good ventilation within the vehicle interior to ensure regular air circulation.

Our Carployee tip: „Recirculation“ is taboo! The air circulation system picks up germs from the interior of the car and them back inside. Fresh air from outside is the better alternative.

Even if it is difficult, please try to reduce communication with your co-passengers to the necessary minimum. This serves to protect both sides, as it reduces the number of possible germs in the vehicle compartment. The same also applies to conversations on your phone. In other words: silence is gold, but do not hesitate to address important things – especially with regard to protective measures and hygiene guidelines.

Wash your hands thoroughly before and after your ride (with soap, for at least 30 seconds). Also, avoid unnecessary touches while driving: do not touch your face, even if your face mask is itchy; and refrain from shaking hands with your co-passengers. In addition to better protection, you can also use gloves.

Our Carployee tip: Keep hand sanitizer within reach during your rides – for both you and your passengers. This gives a feeling of security to both sides and is best used before and after your ride.

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