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Richard Preissler

Richard Preissler

Our latest coup: upScore Mobility Audit

What’s good about turning entrenched commuter habits upside down? It’s a rare opportunity to start from scratch and build them in a cost-effective, ecological and collaborative way. This idea has slowly but steadily set foot in our heads over the course of the Corona pandemic, and what it resulted in is the upScore Mobility Audit, a joint innovation of Carployee and Triply.   

Companies have shown extreme ingenuity to ensure the safety of their employees in the face of the upheavals associated with Corona. These in turn had no choice but to play along. Most human beings love habits, regardless whether they are aware of it or not. And still, employees somehow coped with the numerous disruptions they were confronted with, be it home office arrangements, that were desperately created within a few days, or confusing flexible work schedules. We undoubtedly owe them respect.

Both employers and employees have achieved remarkable things. They have shown what companies are capable of. But this is only the beginning. Corona is just the pre-examination before the actual acid test: Climate change. With upScore Mobility Audit, we support companies to take the right decisions now, not only to emerge stronger from the Corona crisis but also to prepare themselves for the climate crisis. 


One step back, two steps forward

For about 2.5 years we have been successfully operating a corporate carpooling app with clients throughout the German-speaking countries, and we are grateful for the expertise that we could accumulate. While carpooling is very often a promising measure for a sustainable commute, it is by no means the only one. Electric company cars, bus shuttles or electric bikes are further examples of a comprehensive range of measures with which companies can take clear steps towards environmentally-friendly mobility.

Every company needs a specific mix of mobility measures. So let’s take a step back and look at the big picture: 

  • What is the overall status of commuter mobility? 
  • How satisfied are the employees? 
  • Can potentials for improvement or cost savings be identified? 
  • What sustainable is the business trips policy?


Next, we carry out analyses and simulations to quantitatively determine the optimisation potential. The core of this process is the so-called Mobility Score. It summarises the evaluation of the status quo in the company. And finally, we push two steps forward: Together with the company we derive a clearly defined, customised package of measures that, on the one hand, exploits the company’s optimisation potential and, on the other hand, considers the scope of what is feasible and desirable for the company. In some cases our corporate carpooling app is part of this package, in some other cases other measures are more effective and better suited for the respective company location. 


Measurable benefits in the categories Costs, CO2 Emissions and Health

The upScore Mobility Audit uncovers potential for far-reaching improvements in the categories costs, co2 emissions and employee health, which we explicitly simulate with our tool.

  • Costs: What are the costs for ongoing corporate mobility and what is the saving potential? Here we focus on the adjustment of the car fleet, which often can be reduced. Reducing the number of cars also reduces the costs of maintaining and building parking areas. Another important cost factor is business travel.
  • CO2 emissions: What are the CO2 emissions of corporate mobility and what’s the reduction potential? This includes compliance with established environmental standards (ISO 14001, GRI Reporting Principles) and an assessment of sustainability reporting. Furthermore, the company benefits by improving its image as a responsibly acting company in front of potential employees (employer branding), investors and the general public.
  • Employee health: What are the health benefits of targeted mobility measures? The focus is on improving the mental and physical health of employees. This leads to a reduction in sick leave, a reduction in stress, an improvement in the work-life balance, as well as an increase in employee productivity.


Further improvements are offered in the are of – how we call it – future of work. Here we focus on the minimisation of infection risk with COVID-19 through the adaptation of work schedules and through intelligent control of workplace utilisation at one or more locations. This includes the evaluation of contact tracing options in the event of infection.


upScore Mobility Audit in 3 steps

The upScore Mobility Audit consists of 3 steps: Analysis based on data collection, derivation of the Mobility Score, and finally the recommendation of appropriate customised measures/solutions to improve corporate mobility.

We would be happy to explain these steps in details in a personal meeting. Contact us easily using the form at www.mobility-audit.com at the bottom of the page. Let us know if you’re interested in our white paper which reveals additional information.


Carployee + Triply = upScore Mobility Audit

One thing was clear from the very beginning: We we could probably do all of this on our own, but it would hardly be as good as if we formed an extraordinary team. With Triply, we found the right partner to pull it off. Thus, our team includes all the necessary skills for the comprehensive analysis and optimisation of commuter flows. Furthermore, we can count on partners like Mercer and on exciting projects like GISMO, which complements our know-how.

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