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Frequently asked questions

Our ridesharing-arena is the brand new playground for drivers and passengers of Carployee. Here you can playfully compete with other users, complete challenges, collect points, climb new user levels and much more! If you have further questions or suggestions for improvement, you can reach us at support@carployee.com.


EXPs is the abbreviation for experience points. The more often and in a more diverse way you use the Carployee app, the more EXPs you collect. In other words, this means that there are many different challenges. If you complete them, you will be rewarded with EXPs. EXPs are symbolized within the app with a star.

EXPs and leaves are two different types of rewards for using the app. While you get EXPs for completing different challenges, you only receive leaves if you as a driver or passenger share trips and thereby save CO2. You can redeem your well-deserved leaves for great benefits that your employer makes available to you.
EXPs indicate your level of experience: the more EXPs, the higher your user level. Can you manage to reach the highest user level in your community?
PS: You will also receive leaves if you invite friends to the app!

There are many great challenges in the following categories:

  • Getting started: Get to know the basic functions of the Carployee app.
  • Getting professional: Expand your experience and become a professional!
  • Spread the word: Carpooling  works best if there are users who invite busy colleagues to the app.
  • Drivers rock: No rides without drivers, that’s why hard-working drivers are in demand in this category!
  • Passengers rock: Passengers are an equally important part of the game and are rewarded in this category.
  • Climate saver: Climate change can be stopped through CO2 savings. The more CO2 you save with Carployee, the better you will do in this category!
  • Gain EXPs: Those users who quickly collect EXPs will be rewarded here.
  • Special occasions: On some days of the year there are special rewards.

Two examples of challenges:

  • The challenge First User with Round Trip (Getting started category) rewards you, for example, if you are the first in your company to successfully share a return trip (as a driver or passenger).
  • You complete the challenge 3 days in a row (category Getting professional) if you commute to work as a driver or passenger on 3 consecutive days (back and forth).

By completing challenges, you collect EXPs and increase your user level. This is how you stand out from other users!

Our app shows you how many EXPs you get for a certain challenge and how much you still need to complete it. For special challenges you not only receive EXPs but also a badge!

Badges are a reward for completing special challenges. They make you stand out among your colleagues! There are new badges for each season.

Your user level depends on your EXPs and thus shows how experienced you already are as a Carployee user. The more EXPs you collect, the more difficult it will be to reach the next user level. Your current user level is shown together with your EXPs in your profile right next to your photo.

A season is a time-limited competition during which you compete with your colleagues. Who can complete the most challenges and earn the most EXPs within the specified timeframe? Your rank title shows your current performance.

If you collect EXPs outside of a season, your user level increases. If, on the other hand, you collect EXPs within a season, not only your user level increases, but also your rank title! While your user level shows how hard you have been since your registration, your rank title only shows how high your commitment is during the current season. The rank title gives new users the chance to compete with the old hands and probably even overtake them!

This title is dynamic and depends on the percentage of other users in your community who have more EXPs than you:

new usersBobby Car Driver
top 80-60%Baby Hero
top 60-40%Car Cuddler
top 40-20%MobilyBee
top 20-10%Move Master
top 10-1%Dr. Drive
top 1%Captain Carployee

Carployee becomes Pave Commute

Inspire a movement of sustainable commuting with the new Pave Commute app:

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