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The use of Carployee is free for users (= employees of companies | business parks). The company | Business Park pays a service fee.

Carployee is available for Android and IOS.


Carployee is a closed system for companies | business parks. With the code, users are assigned to the companies | Business Parks. The code is distributed by the respective responsible persons in the companies | Business Park (e.g. Human Resource / Innovation Department).

Find a ride | Create ride

For the optimal matching of driver and passenger several parameters are used: current traffic and weather data, residence or departure point of driver and passenger, route of the driver and working hours. The best matches are automatically created in an appendix to this data.

Carployee calculates the driving times taking into account current traffic and weather data. If delays occur, the passenger will be notified via push notification.

Due to legal regulations, Carployee is not designed to allow drivers to demand payment from passengers. Of course, the driver has to bear costs (e.g. fuel costs), which is why the bonus from the company | Business Park is higher for drivers than for passengers.

Organised car pooling

The driver’s telephone number is available for very urgent matters. In addition, there is a chat for each organised trip. These messages are sent to the driver as well as to all passengers for this trip.

You can cancel the trip at short notice until the start of the trip. We ask you to cancel as early as possible so that the other passengers can look for a replacement in time. For spontaneous cancellations, replacement drivers and public transport connections are planned or already integrated in the future.

Bonus and CO2 savings

When using Carployee, users collect leaves which can be redeemed directly at the company | Business Park for a great bonus.

The bonus is determined by the respective company | Business Park itself and is valid for a certain period. Examples of possible bonuses are fuel and meal vouchers, free hours, reserved parking spaces directly at the company | Business Park …

Users collect Carployee leaves with every trip as driver and as passenger:

  • Driver and passengers receive 100 leaves for a successful carpool
  • Drivers receive 25 leaves for each passenger
  • Riders receive 4 leaves per 10km or part thereof and passengers receive 2 leaves

The driver receives more leaves than the passenger, as the passenger also has to pay for the journey (e.g. fuel costs).

Carployee’s goal is to get as many employees as possible to work with as few cars as possible.

For passengers, the CO2 emission is considered to be the potential savings they would have had if they had driven themselves.

For drivers, the CO2 emissions of all passengers are considered to be the potential savings they would have had if they had driven themselves.

Carployee for companies | Business Parks

Carployee charges a yearly service fee plus a one-time fee for onboarding for corporate | business parks.

With onboarding, the company | business park is intensively supported by Carployee during the rollout to ensure optimal use.

This annual service fee is based on the usage (number of users), which is determined in the onboarding phase and adjusted annually.

Companies | Business parks benefit

  • by relieving the burden on parking areas and saving further infrastructure costs,
  • Strengthening of employee communication through carpools,
  • Employer branding through an additional transport option and cost savings and
  • Reporting for CSR reports thanks to measurable CO2 savings.

Still a little unclear or suggestions for improvement?

We are very happy to receive any message to support@carployee.com and will be happy to help.

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